Google Ads Customer Match for better targeting

There are many different ways people interact with businesses online and offline. What’s important to remember is that every single one of these interactions is a chance to create engagement with your brand.

The ads you run on Google and the remarketing lists you build with your own data are more relevant to your customers, so they perform better.

When a customer visits your site, you’ll have the option of adding them to a Customer Match audience to reach them with ads.

Customer Match makes it easier for businesses to share their customer data with Google ads. If you’re not familiar, Customer Match gives you the opportunity to upload your customer email lists and create specific audience lists for your ads.

I’ve always been a fan of Google’s Customer Match. It allows advertisers to upload their own lists of customers and then show ads to that audience like Google, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, similar to how Facebook advertising works

Few examples of how you may target your audience with Customer Match

  • You can optimize your campaign by adjusting your bid based on your customer activities.
  • Using Gmail ads to reach your customer or similar audiences inbox with personalized ads
  • Targeting audiences on YouTube and the Google Display Network who have similar characteristics to your customers.


How Customer Match Works

Here’s how it works. Google Ads allows advertisers to upload their customer lists and match them to Google profiles and show you an estimated match rate. Those matches are then used to increase the reach of display and search ads by showing them to the customers.



In fact, Google recommends adding as many customer details as possible because you get a better match rate when you know more about your customers. “Advertisers who used two types of customer information saw an average list size increase of 28%, and with three types they saw an increase of 35%.

Google is getting smarter when it comes to finding the right audience for your website/business.  By keeping your customer lists up-to-date, you can also provide Google with more information to reach your desired audience. So it’s very important that you review your lists on a regular basis.

Author: Avinesh | Digital Marketing Specialist