How To Register A Business In Mauritius

To start a business in Mauritius you will need to register your company or yourself as an individual online with the Registrar of Companies and Businesses or you can also present the necessary documents at the Registrar of Companies Office.

Online Registration Process

For an online registration process you can follow this URL .

Here are the documents required:

  • If you are an individual For e.g Craftsman, Plumber, Electrician you’ll need the BRF1 Form.
  • If you are Company more than one Partners, you’ll need the BRF2 Form.
  • If you are a société  you’ll need the BRF3 Form.

Here are the information that you’ll need to fill in the form.

Your  full name, address of each applicant and national identification number of the person; or

the name, address of registered office, incorporation/registration number if body corporate or unincorporated body

Your business name, if you haven’t thought of one, it doesn’t matter you can register your business name when incorporating your business.

The general nature of the business, for e.g if you want to start an ecommerce business the nature of your business will be webportal, online sales.

The principal place of business and any other place where the business is carried on. As well as the starting date of your business


Not to mention you’ll have a fee to pay which will depend on the workforce you intend to have:

  • Not more than 10 persons Rs 125
  • 11-50 persons Rs 250
  • 51-100 persons Rs 600
  • ​More than 100 persons Rs 1500


Make sure to bring/have your ID Card.
After submitting the application form and the payment has been done , you’ll be issued with a Business Registration Card.