5 chat marketing tactics to succeed in 2021

Did you know that more than half of all consumers prefer to use messaging as their go-to method of communication for requesting support? 

Nowadays, messaging apps have far more monthly active users than social media platforms. The rise of messaging apps is a reflection that people prefer to do communication like messaging rather than updating the status on social media.

It’s true! Businesses that are using messaging are able to reach customers across all interactions and touchpoints to get real work done. 

That means getting deals done, answering questions, solving problems, and providing customer support. Many major brands are already doing this today.


Here are the 5 best chat marketing tactics to use in 2021!

  1. Integrate your chatbot with Facebook, Instagram & whats app business
  2. Increase lead magnets download via messenger bots
  3. Automate FAQs
  4. Schedule sales call
  5. QR Code Business Cards


Tactic 1: Integrate your chatbot with Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Business


If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably been notified by friends and family when someone has sent you a message. But what happens when someone visits your business’s Facebook Page and sends a message to it? 

Normally what happens is the message goes straight to your inbox. And that’s the problem. Reply messages to the right place using an omnichat instead of just letting them into your main inbox.


facebook messenger bot 1024x1024 removebg preview



Tactic 2 – Lead generation and Lead Magnet


If you’re already using Facebook ads to drive people to your website, we highly recommend trying out messenger ads. One of the main products for generating new leads through Messenger.


Instant Messenger Marketing is the latest, most efficient way to gain customers and build your list.

Lead Generation Mimshacks Chatbot


In fact, as many as 90% of visitors bounce from the average post-click landing page. Many marketers have discovered that one of the best ways to drive traffic and engagement to their websites is to use Facebook Messenger as a lead generation tool.


Tactic 3 – Automate FAQs


Chatbots are smarter, faster and more personalized. Think of them like robo-calls. Your chatbot is available 24/7, 365 days a year and never sleeps, turns up late or grumpy. 


FAQs are an amazing way to communicate with your customers, customers, employees or community so they can always know the answers to their questions.  

Chatbot Mimshacks FAQ


Let’s say you decide to add a FAQ about local suppliers to assist your clients on starting their own business; your customer will see the link in their stream, click on it and find this information on the web page within seconds even when they don’t see it on your website itself. 


Or you may also send them the information directly into messenger itself. Sharing information or content within messenger directly would be a lot faster than going to a website. 


Tactic 4 – Schedule Sales Call or Book Appointment


You might know that one of the most important parts of the sales process is to set up a call with potential clients. Finding the right time to schedule a call when everybody’s availability is usually not so easy.  Messenger chatbot that will help you find the right time for your calls with your leads and open up new opportunities.


Chatbot Mimshacks Appointment


Tactic 5 – Using QR Code


QR codes are everywhere, but they aren’t always used to their full potential. Using offline methods, but indeed you can also use them to drive social engagement on Facebook Messenger. If you haven’t already noticed, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular for Facebook advertisers as well.


 They can help you shorten links and collect leads but most importantly they can serve as the entry point to your messenger marketing chatbot conversations.

Chatbot Mimshacks QRCode


Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, it’s important to experiment with new marketing tactics.  You need to actively work on how you can get more leads to send messages via chat.

The ones that perform well will give you a competitive advantage.

This is called marketing optimization and it results in a higher conversion rate and better customer experiences that build your brand


Author: Avinesh | Digital Marketing Specialist

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