Reddit KarmaLab to Connect Brands & Advertisers

Reddit is a community with over 52 million daily users, where people post questions, articles links and comments. The platform is divided into a number of channels (called subreddits).


It’s often overlooked by marketers amid all the excitement around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Reddit is actually home to a lot of potential customers who you can reach if you use it well.


Reddit has come up with a new spin on business by opening up a space for advertisers where users can directly engage with.


The platform has reached a great deal of success with regard to its advertising service. In this year alone, the platform has been gaining momentum which led to the creation of KarmaLab.


The aim is to sharpen brands’ creative advertising strategies under the leadership of Will Caby, the global director of KarmaLab.


Reddit is bridging the gap between paid ads and organic by encouraging brands to promote their products, services by working with KarmaLab. Which purpose is to serve contextual ads to the Reddit communities.


How will the full-service creative shop work with brands?


To be able to connect brands to advertisers, Reddit will allow them to create their own communities. In doing so this will increase organic interactions with users and helping them on the following:


  • Social listening
  • Trends reports
  • Community Management
  • Creative Workshops
  • Campaign developments to create ads for the Reddit platform.


Reddit has also been working on growing its ads business, by bringing in ad ops veterans to build out a self-serve ad platform. The goal is for brands and advertisers to be able to post sponsored posts in various subreddits.


Through KarmaLab, brands can understand what works on Reddit and refine their strategies for better results. KarmaLab is now producing this information to give more context of where a brand should put its resources in the future. The result is a continue to optimize B2C campaigns with Reddit. It also helps with B2B efforts as there are many subreddits related to different industries and areas of the business to explore.



Author: Avinesh | Digital Marketing Specialist