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Google offering 40,000 Scholarships for Developers in Africa

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Google recently announced that it will offer 40,000 scholarships to developers who live in Africa through the new Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator Program.


In recent years, the increase in the number of Internet users across Africa has resulted in a wave of digital entrepreneurship and innovation.


It’s no surprise that there are a growing number of African app developers and startups emerging in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. This is because there is a rapid increase in the number of young Africans getting university degrees in Information, Communication, and Technology.


The tech giant will offer full scholarship including certification in Android and Cloud Development to the top 1,000 students at the end of the program.


Going into this year, Google made another announcement of continuing its acceleration program for African Startups which is expected to begin in June 2021.


The contribution of entrepreneurs to Africa’s growth prospects cannot be overemphasized, given that it has been recognized by scholars world over as the engine room in providing employment creation strategies for the continent.


African developers and startups have played a critical role in the transformation of the African economy. There is a shift, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, towards technology-driven activities which are creating new business models in all sectors.


How Google Developers Scholarships are Helping Africa’s Economy?


Google has provided an intersection between developers and other tech players by building a Google Developers Space in Nigeria. A breathtaking venue that’s a part innovation hub, part coworking space, and part training center, the Google developer center is where everything comes together.


In doing so, innovation is at the core of these businesses — from rural agricultural start-ups to renewable energy pioneers and high-tech fintech firms. The rising African millennial leaders at these companies are leading this digital transformation through their success in driving their businesses forward.


Author: Avinesh | Digital Marketing Specialist

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