Situated in a beautiful calm residential area in Floreal with an impressive view of the mountains and the turquoise blue ocean, Modern Dental Care is the one stop shops for all your dental needs. It has been structured to include everything you may need to enhance your treatment and pleasure. Modern Dental Care includes a Dental Laboratory as well as accommodation and this makes it truly unique, and one of a kind facility on the magnificent island of Mauritius.

The BENEFITS of choosing us for your treatment include :

Dental team: We have a carefully selected, quality orientated and patient focused dental team who share the philosophy of providing conservative and predictable treatment.

Dental laboratory: Adjacent to the dental clinic is a dental lab where a team of experienced qualified local and foreign technicians employ the latest high-end materials and equipment, in the manufacture of custom prosthetics. Modern Dental Care’s laboratory is the only one in Mauritius using Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM technology to fabricate crowns, bridges and implants of Zirconia.

Infection control: The safety and wellbeing of our patients is our foremost concern therefore we require the implementation of strict infection control and hygiene protocols. We are proud to say that our standards meet and exceed general occupational health and safety guidelines.

Financial plan: Payment plans and options can be discussed and adapted to the needs of the patient as required. Modern Dental Care maintains its status as a competitively priced facility in the market.

Travel packages for foreign patients: Hotel bookings and sightseeing tours will be arranged for you upon request. There is also the convenient option of staying on the premises during the course of your treatment as the facility includes a fully equipped and luxuriously furnished apartment.

Smile maintenance: Each individual patient will be set up with a monitored program of preventive dentistry including regular visits and an annual review.

A beautiful smile is no longer a luxury but an aesthetic necessity and Modern Dental Care is here to help you achieve this

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  • July 31, 2021 12:12 am local time

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Forest Lane, Floreal, Mauritius, Floreal

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