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Welcome to the World......of Natural Food Products

Quartier Gourmet opened in August 2006 and our emphasis is to offer natural food products, not containing any additives, preservatives or food colours wherever possible. Our range of food products include nut kernels, dried fruits, cereals, extra virgin olive oil, olives, olive tapenade & olive jam, chilli products, vinegars, dressings, honey & jams, bread mixes, spices, seasonings, dried herbs, sauces, dried pasta, South African & German wines, Liquors, canned fruits & vegetables, typical German products and much more...

At Quartier Gourmet you will find the best Swiss Chocolate in the Indian Ocean, proudly 'Made in Mauritius' by our own Chocolatier which studied and learned this special art of its kind in Switzerland...famous for its world class fine chocolates

At Quartier Gourmet you will have the best Farm cheese in the Southern Hemisphere exclusively imported and made in the old traditional way on our selected farms in South be accompanied by our freshly baked dark rye bread from our imported French & German bread flour...or rather an Italian Ciabatta?

At Quartier Gourmet we do our own pastries and cake, our chocolate cake is one of the best, or do you rather like a Black Forrest?Our Chef Patissier is a master of his art and our Birthday cakes are more than special...

At Quartier Gourmet you will have your fresh meat from beef and lamb,all prime quality only...or maybe try our range of Angus beef, the top of the class...and at the end of the year you can also have Foie Gras, Capon, duck or even fresh salmon...

Our German beers are world renowned, our fruit juice for Gourmets and our Mineral water Apollinaris 'The Queen of Table waters' doesn't need any further comments...

At Quartier Gourmet you will find a present all around the year, we have a nice range of gifts & candles and for Easter and Christmas it is a must to have a visit......our famous Christmas Stollen and our Gingerbread specialities are so delicious!

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Corner Avenue Capucines & Ylang Ylang Sodnac, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

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