World of Alice My Dog Unblocked

World of Alice – My Dog
World of Alice – My Dog is an educational game developed for children in which you can have the experience of having a pet, you will be able to feed it, play with it, bathe it and give it medical care.
Excellent resource for Preschool Education.
In World of Alice learning is fun.
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How to Play

  • Starting the Game: Open the game by visiting the link provided on the website. Once the game loads, you’ll see an interface representing your virtual world of Alice and her dog.

  • Feeding Your Dog: Click on the food icon to feed your dog. You’ll see a popup indicating the amount of food given. Repeat this action whenever your dog gets hungry.

  • Playing with Your Dog: Click on the play icon to engage in playtime with your dog. This will increase your dog’s happiness level.

  • Bathing Your Dog: Click on the bath icon to give your dog a bath. This will cleanse your dog and boost its health.

  • Medical Care for Your Dog: Click on the medicine icon to provide medical care to your dog. This will heal any injuries your dog may have.

  • Earning Points: As you perform actions with your dog, you’ll earn points. These points can be used to enhance your dog’s abilities or buy new items for your virtual world.

  • Saving Progress: Your progress is automatically saved as you play. This allows you to continue playing later without losing your progress.

Tips to Win

  • Regular Feeding: Regular feeding keeps your dog happy and healthy. Try to feed your dog regularly throughout the day.

  • Planned Playtimes: Plan specific times during the day for playtime with your dog. This helps your dog adjust to a routine and reduces stress.

  • Consistent Medical Care: Ensure your dog receives consistent medical care. Regular check-ups and treatments help keep your dog healthy.

  • Use of Points Wisely: Use your earned points wisely. Spend them on enhancing your dog’s abilities or buying new items for your virtual world.

  • Save Frequently: Save your progress frequently. This ensures that you can return to your game at any time without worrying about losing your progress.