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Color Brain Test Games Unblocked

Color Brain Test Game is a ring puzzle game. Do you want to train your brain? You love fun spinning circle puzzle games with simple and colorful gameplay. Play Color Brain Test Games now!

## How to Play

* Start by visiting the game page on your website, Mimshacks.com.
* Click on the game icon to launch the game.
* The game interface consists of a circular board with different colored segments. Each segment represents a specific color.
* Your task is to rotate the entire board so that a particular color aligns with the target spot. You do this by rotating the board clockwise or counterclockwise.
* The game starts with a single target spot. After you successfully align the target color with this spot, the game reveals more target spots, increasing in number with each level.
* The game ends when you fail to align a color with its target spot. If you manage to complete all the levels, you win the game.

## Tips to Win

* Understand the game mechanics: The key to winning is understanding how the game works. The game is all about aligning colors with their corresponding targets.
* Practice: Spend some time practicing the game. This will help you understand the patterns and develop strategies for success.
* Be patient: Some levels might seem difficult at first, but with practice, you’ll improve your timing and ability to anticipate the game’s movements.
* Strategy: Try to identify patterns and strategies that work for you. For example, if a certain rotation sequence consistently leads to a successful alignment, remember to use it again.
* Persistence: Not every attempt will be successful. Keep trying until you find what works for you. With time and experience, you’ll increase your chances of winning.

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