How to UNBLOCK "Fat Shark"?

Fat Shark Unblocked

Fat Shark is a HTML5 Survival Game.
This shark is starving!
Feed him with some fishes, but be careful! The more he eats, the more he’ll get fat and won’t avoid bombs anymore!

How to Play

  • Understanding the Game: Fat Shark is an arcade survival game where your goal is to feed a starving shark. Feeding the shark increases its size and makes it harder to dodge bombs.

  • Feeding the Shark: To start the game, click on the screen to feed the shark. Each click feeds the shark with a fish. The more the shark eats, the faster it grows, making it harder to avoid the bombs.

  • Avoiding Bombs: As the shark grows, it becomes slower and easier to hit with bombs. Your task is to avoid the bombs and keep feeding the shark.

  • Scoring: Your score increases as the shark eats more fish. The game ends when the shark gets hit by a bomb.

  • Restarting the Game: After losing a game, you can restart it by clicking on the restart button. This resets the game state and allows you to try again.

Tips to Win

  • Play Smart: Instead of feeding the shark continuously, strategically feed it when you see a bomb approaching. This gives you a chance to avoid the bomb and continue playing.

  • Stay Alert: Always keep an eye out for incoming bombs. Even though the shark grows bigger, it becomes slower and easier to hit.

  • Don’t Get Distracted: Focus on feeding the shark and avoiding bombs. Any distraction could lead to the shark getting hit.

  • Improve Over Time: With practice, you’ll become better at timing your clicks to feed the shark and avoid bombs. This will increase your chances of winning.

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