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Final Fantasy III Unblocked

The third edition of Square's treasured Final Fantasy series. This game was only released in Japan on the NES -- the game released as Final Fantasy III in the US was actually part six renamed to avoid confusion from the missing titles of the series, and it wasn't until the PlayStation remakes that FF fans got to see the unreleased versions of their favorite series under their original Final Fantasy names.

Третья часть знаменитой ролевой серии. Персонажи как и в первой части немножко обезличились, большей частью благодаря их более однообразному изображению. Но сюжет остался насыщенным и очень долгим. Мир стал еще больше, а качество не изменилось. Хоть игра по сюжету несколько сдала перед второй, но сама по себе по количеству нововведений в боевой режим и в систему отношений персонажей лишь подтвердила свое лидерство.

How to Play

  • Level Up: As an RPG, it’s crucial to keep your party properly leveled. Run around the dungeons you encounter or even the world map, killing enemies to raise levels. There’s really no such thing as being over-leveled—there’s only such a thing as being prepared.

  • Equip Your Party: Your party should remain well-equipped at all times. When you change a character’s job, that character is unequipped and must be reequipped. Exploit weapon and armor shops when you come across them in towns, as they are the greatest source of much-needed new gear in the game.

  • Assemble A Versatile & Resilient Party: Versatility is key in Final Fantasy III. Having options is your best bet in each battle. Each party should have a designated healer, like a White Mage. Don’t shy away from trying different combinations and seeing what works for you best.

  • Stay Well-Stocked: The currency in Final Fantasy games is known as Gil, and Gil is needed not only to buy equipment, but items as well. Keep a supply of all healing items as high as you can afford, and make sure to keep Potions, and later Hi-Potions, in high quantities as well.

  • Explore: A big part of playing an RPG is doing some exploring of your own. While the game is fairly linear, towns and the like can often be found and visited out of order. This can often result in stronger weapons, powerful enemies to fight for experience and Gil, and the upper hand going further into your quest.

  • Don’t Run From Battle: Running from battle should only be done if your party is on the brink of death, or if you’re severely outmatched. Otherwise, running from battle is strongly discouraged. The only way to get stronger in the game is to fight enemies and gain experience.

  • Exploit Elemental Weaknesses: Elemental weaknesses, like in other Final Fantasy games and most other RPGs, are a fundamental part of fighting in the game. There are elements in the game, such as Ice, Fire, and Lightning, that are strong and weak against each other based on the combination therein. Figuring out these combinations and using them according to enemy weaknesses is often key, and should be exploited not only by magic users (with a more obvious use), but by melee fighters as well.

Tips to Win

  • Master Job Levels: Mastery of any one job by any character isn’t necessary, but it’s not discouraged either. The job level will only be built by consistently using a job with a character and building that character’s stats.

  • Use Mini Spell Wisely: You can use the Mini spell on the party to make them small to enter some places. This is particularly useful when you need to navigate through narrow passages or access areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Remember, the more you play the game and become more comfortable with it, you will develop your own styles and habits that will serve you best.

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