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Red Hair Knight Tale Unblocked

Red Hair Knight Tale is a cool and epic 2D medieval swordman adventure game. You have to destroy monsters and reach the brown flag at each level. You can also grab gold coins to boost your total score. They are not useful in this game, but you can find them from chests or monster bodies. You have to jump twice to get to higher platforms, and run to the finish flag before monsters kill you!

How to Play

  • Start the game by clicking on the start button or hitting the enter key.
  • Use the arrow keys or the mouse to control the character.
  • The goal is to reach the brown flag at each level.
  • You can destroy monsters by jumping on them. Remember, you need to jump twice to get to higher platforms.
  • Collect gold coins found in chests or monster bodies to increase your total score. Although these coins are not directly beneficial in this game, they contribute to your overall score.
  • Be careful not to let the monsters catch you. Running towards the finish flag will help you avoid being killed.

Tips to Win

  • Practice regularly to become familiar with the game mechanics. This will help you react faster and make better decisions during the game.
  • Try to destroy as many monsters as possible. Each destroyed monster increases your score.
  • Pay attention to the placement of the flags and chests. Knowing where they are located can give you a strategic advantage.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Always be aware of the positions of the monsters and plan your moves accordingly.
  • Lastly, remember to enjoy the game. The primary purpose of playing is to have fun, so don’t stress too much about winning or losing.

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PS4 and PS5

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