How to UNBLOCK "Stay Alive"?

Stay Alive Unblocked

Are you ready to survive? You have an axe in your hand, start cutting down all the trees. First, cut down the trees and build a tent. After the tent, you should build walls around it so that cannibals dont attack and eat you. Either run away from the cannibals or fight them to make them flee. Collect rocks, bushes, and wood. You need to make a fire. If your health is low, eat mushrooms, or you might die. Finally, as the last task, build a raft and complete the game.

How to Play

  • Start the game with an axe in your hand. Your primary objective is to cut down all the trees around you.
  • Once the trees are cleared, start building a tent. This will provide you with a safe shelter during the night.
  • After the tent, construct walls around it. These walls will protect you from potential cannibal attacks.
  • Be aware of the cannibals and either run away from them or engage in combat to scare them off.
  • As you progress, collect resources such as rocks, bushes, and wood. These will be useful for various tasks throughout the game.
  • One of the key objectives is to make a fire. Fire is essential for cooking food and staying warm during the cold nights.
  • Always monitor your health level. If it gets too low, consume mushrooms to regain health. However, be careful as consuming too many mushrooms could lead to other issues.
  • Finally, as the last task, build a raft and complete the game.

Tips to Win

  • Prioritize safety over everything else. Build a strong tent and walls to protect yourself from the cannibals.
  • Collect as much resources as possible. Resources will help you build your shelter, light fires, and even defeat cannibals if needed.
  • Monitor your health regularly. If your health drops below a certain level, consume mushrooms to regain health. But remember, overconsumption can be harmful.
  • Engage in combat only when absolutely necessary. Running away is often safer and more efficient.
  • Keep track of the game’s progression. Knowing what needs to be done next can help you plan your actions effectively.
  • Lastly, don’t rush. Take your time to gather resources, build your shelter, and prepare for the final task.
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