How to UNBLOCK "Tangled Knots"?

Tangled Knots Unblocked

In Tangled Knots, players are immersed in a captivating puzzle adventure where they must untangle complex rope configurations within limited moves to free the ropes ends. With mesmerizing visuals, intuitive mechanics, and brain-teasing challenges, the game offers a satisfying quest for players to showcase their strategic thinking and become the master untanglers. The goal of the game is to untangle the knotted ropes and free the ropes ends by manipulating and rearranging the knots with precise moves. Players must strategically plan their actions to achieve this within a set number of moves.

How to Play

  1. Understanding the Basics: The game ‘Tangled Knots’ is a puzzle game where you have to untangle ropes in as few moves as possible. The game consists of multiple levels, each of which has a unique layout and a unique color scheme for the ropes. Each level has a panel with holes where the ropes are attached at their ends. At the very top of the screen, you’ll find a count of how many moves are still available to you.

  2. Starting the Game: To play the game, you have to tap on one end of a rope and drag it to another hole in the panel. This will detach the rope from its original hole and attach it to the new one. You will need to continue doing this until all of the ropes are untangled and no longer cross over one another. You will fail the level and have to give it another go if you run exhausted all the moves prior to you untangling all of the ropes.

  3. Strategy: The key to success in this game lies in identifying the rope you can move first. Once you untangle the first rope, the others will often follow suit. Look for ropes that are attached to the same hole or adjacent holes, as they are more likely to be tangled. Try moving them to opposite sides or away from each other to ease the untangling process.

Tips to Win

  1. Focus on Outer Ropes: One of the best tips for playing the game is to focus on the outermost strings first. These strings are usually easier to move and free up space for unraveling the inner ones.

  2. Utilize the Bounce and Elasticity: You can manipulate the ropes in various ways by using the pins and the walls. For example, you can pull and release a rope to make it go under another rope. This can create a gap or a bridge between two ropes, allowing you to move them more easily. However, this might also cause more entanglements if you are not careful.

  3. Plan Ahead: Take a minute to examine the complete arrangement of the ropes and pins before you attempt to make any changes. Look for patterns, loops, or crossings that can be simplified by moving one or more pins. Identify the crucial pins that need to be moved first and those that can be left for later. Instead of randomly moving pins and hoping for the best, planning your moves ahead of time will help you avoid unnecessary actions and save precious moves.

  4. Use Help Option More Carefully: If you find yourself stuck on a level, hints/help options can be a lifesaver. They show you the next move to make progress by highlighting the pins that need to be moved. However, given that there are only so many clues available, you should avoid using them too frequently if at all possible. Reserve them for particularly challenging levels, and consider replaying easier levels instead of using hints unnecessarily.

  5. Strategically Employ Special Items: Some levels in Tangled Knots feature obstacles and items that add more challenge and variety to the game. Obstacles like walls, spikes, or magnets can complicate rope movement by blocking, damaging, or altering them. While obstacles should be avoided as much as possible, items like scissors, bombs, or keys can assist you in clearing the levels by cutting, exploding, or unlocking ropes.

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