Super Mario Bros. 2 – USA version Unblocked


Mario's back! Bigger and badder than ever before! This time it's a fierce action-packed battle to free the land of Subcon from the curse of the evil Wart. It's up to you, along with Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Princess, to fight your way through bizarre multi-level worlds and find him! This time you've got a brand new kind of power - plucking power - and now anything you find can be a weapon. But beware! You've never seen creatures like these! Shyguys and Tweeters! Ninji and Beezos! And you've never had an adventure like this! Only cunning and speed can save you now...

Марио вновь собирается в дорогу за тридевять земель. Игра представляет собой платформенную бродилку. Есть возможность выбрать одного из четырех персонажей, у каждого из которых есть своя "фишка". На пути к счастью придется убить немало невинных животных. Герой может вставать на голову неприятелю, затем его схватить и использовать как оружие. Помимо этого, можно выдернуть из земли репку и использовать аналогично. Игра рассчитана на одного игрока, имеет хорошую графику и хороший звук.

How to Play

  • Character Selection: At the start of the game, you will be given four character options: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess. Each character has their own unique abilities and characteristics. Choose wisely based on the situation in the game.

  • Movement Controls: Use the arrow keys or ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to move left and right. Press the ‘up’ arrow key or ‘W’ key to jump. Hold down the jump button to perform a higher jump.

  • Collecting Power-Ups: Throughout the game, you will encounter different types of power-ups that can enhance your abilities. Collect these to gain an advantage over your opponents.

  • Enemy Encounters: The game is filled with enemies that you must defeat to progress. Some enemies can be defeated by jumping on them, while others require weapons collected throughout the game.

  • Multiple Levels: Navigate through different levels, each with its own challenges and obstacles. Remember to save your progress regularly to avoid losing your progress.

  • Endgame: The game ends when you reach the final level and defeat the main antagonist, Wart. If you survive until the end, you win the game.

Tips to Win

  • Use Power-Ups Wisely: Each power-up gives you a temporary boost. Use them strategically to overcome obstacles or defeat enemies.

  • Master Movement: Understanding how to move effectively is key to navigating the game. Practice moving around the level to get a feel for it.

  • Know Your Enemies: Each enemy has their own weaknesses. Learn what works against each type of enemy to increase your chances of winning.

  • Plan Ahead: Try to anticipate the moves of your opponents. This can give you an advantage in battles.

  • Save Regularly: The game can be unforgiving. Make sure to save your progress regularly to prevent losing your progress due to unexpected events.