Candy Monster Box Unblocked

Candy Monster Box offers an engaging, captivating gameplay experience that ensures endless entertainment. Slide right or left to align the box with the candies. Share this complimentary game with your loved ones.
Embark on an adventure in the candy universe. Assist the jelly monsters by unwrapping and gathering fruity candies for them.

How to Play

  • Start the game by aligning the box with the candies. This can be done by sliding right or left.
  • Collect fruity candies and assist the jelly monsters by unwrapping them.
  • Throwing candies down will create a new mini character. As you continue to throw down candies, this character will perform various actions until he digs up a hole and gives you a reward.
  • Continue to throw candies to make more reactions. These reactions cap out at a certain number of candies.
  • Use candies to request new features from the developer. Each feature comes with a cost in candies.
  • After unlocking a status bar, you can access a configuration tab. Here, you can change the game settings, such as the language or screen color.
  • On the SAVE menu, you can manually save your game in one of five save slots. You can also set the game to save automatically every 10 minutes in a slot of your choosing.
  • To reload your game, choose one of the save slots under “browser load” in the save menu.
  • If you want to save your game at a specific point and avoid losing it in your browser, get a text file of your game progress. You can then paste this file into the “Text load” box to resume your game.

Tips to Win

  • Eating candies improves your health, increasing your hitpoints. The cost to increase your health bar goes up exponentially, meaning you need more candies for each additional point to your health.
  • Your health bar indicates damage you take on a quest or fighting enemies. When it reaches zero, your specific quest ends, but not the game as a whole.
  • There are several ways to increase the length of your health bar. One way is to spend more candies to request more exciting features. For example, spending 5 candies will grant you 100 health points.
  • A map is added to your status bar when you spend enough candies. Click on the map to enter The Village.
  • The game generates candies continuously. You can increase the rate of candy production by building a candy mill and feeding it candies. The more candies you feed into the mill, the faster it generates candies.
  • Be patient and persistent. The game has a lot of content to unlock, and it takes time to accumulate enough candies to unlock these features.