Oil Tanker Truck Transport Unblocked

Driving a monster truck is awesome and thrilling! You have to be careful with every operation! How about driving a truck on the cliff edge? In Oil Tanker Truck Transport you have to face this challenge! You are a truck driver, and you have to reach the finish line! Tough mountain roads and tight lanes are your challenges! Can you do this risky mission? Many truck types and levels are ready for you to beat! Play this game! Have fun!

How to Play

  • Starting the Game: Begin by launching the game. You will see the main menu with several options. Select ‘Play’ to start the game.

  • Controlling the Truck: Once the game starts, you will control a monster truck. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the truck left and right. To accelerate the truck, press the up arrow key.

  • Navigating Obstacles: The road ahead is filled with various obstacles such as mountains and tight lanes. Your job is to navigate these obstacles without crashing. Try to avoid running into obstacles as much as possible.

  • Reaching the Finish Line: The goal of the game is to reach the finish line. Keep moving forward and avoid obstacles until you cross the finish line.

  • Choosing Truck Types: The game offers many truck types for you to choose from. Each truck type comes with its own set of features and capabilities. Choose the truck type that suits your style of play.

  • Level Selection: After completing a level, you can select a new level to play. The levels become increasingly difficult as you progress.

Tips to Win

  • Master the Controls: Before starting the game, take some time to understand the controls. This will help you drive the truck smoothly and avoid crashes.

  • Plan Your Route: Always plan your route before navigating through the obstacles. Look ahead and decide whether to go straight, turn left, or turn right.

  • Choose the Right Truck Type: Depending on the situation, choose the right truck type. Some trucks are better suited for steep climbs, while others handle tight turns better.

  • Avoid Obstacles: Always try to avoid obstacles. Colliding with obstacles can lead to loss of life and damage to your truck.

  • Practice: Like any skill, driving a truck requires practice. The more you play the game, the better you will get at it.