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We believe in empowering SME’s to grow their businesses online & generating more revenue


Generate More Sales Online

The aim of any business is to provide value and generate profit. But there’s no profit if you aren’t visible.

Mimshacks makes it feasible for locale business to increase their business visibility & generate more sales at Minimum investment.

Our Services And Solutions

Additionally, you may buy our services separately at a low price:

Create Custom Business Pages

Create custom business pages that helps to generate 15-50% increase in conversion rate. 

For most businesses, dedicated landing pages are essential to their success online.

  • We’ve worked with clients in almost every niche be it individual, small businesses. 
  • We take the time to learn the dynamics of your business, enabling us to develop unique design that will align with your business objectives.
Add-ons & Services
Add-ons & Services

Video Advertising

Take advantages of basic video advertising services.

Discover why videos matters in today digital era and why social media is the best place to advertise using videos.

  • Our video advertising services helps you to engage with your viewers and acquire new customers on Social Media.
  • Video exposure will help to showcase your products and services to grow awareness and improve conversion rates.

Training & Consulting

We know how to train and educate your in house Marketing Team so that you don’t lack behind in this digital era.

Get latest updates on how your company can use Digital Marketing to stand out against your competitors and to grow your business online.

  • One to One consultation
  • Get personalised training base on your company requirements, employee requirement.
Add-ons & Services
Add-ons & Services

Marketing Automation & Analytics Solutions

Get connected with your customers and Marketing data in real time.

Make use of Marketing Automation to increases sales and response time.

Data is crucial is today’s business world. Mimshack provide Automation and Data Analytics solutions to help you better analyse and manage your Marketing Process to generate more sales, more leads and building better relationship with your customers


For example:

  • Chat Bot Automation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Real Time Reportings
  • Facebook Marketing Reports

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Connect With Your Customers + Businesses

The aim of any business is to provide value and generate profit. But there’s no profit if you aren’t visible.

Mimshacks Business

Connect Customers and Businesses

Ease Customer journey through exceptional experience

Explore new boundaries

Learn, thrive and succeed

Spread knowledge

Discover new horizons

Providing better value to your customers

Build relationship with your customers


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We believe in

Empowering Local Businesses

to experience and discover the smart way of doing business using the Digital Tools & Technologies
Mimshacks Business

Note: This section is for Businesses or Self-Employed people. If you are a Customer, click HERE

Who Can Apply?

This project is for helping any Self-Employed or Suppliers & Consumers during Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Mauritius

  • Any Individual (Self-Employed)
  • Any food suppliers, retailers or manufacturers
  • Any Restaurant (including panarotti ect)
  • Business Services (Printing, Website, Computer Repair)
  • Shopping Centres, Textile, Mobile Phone, Shops, Books, Aircon Repairs
  • Car Rental, Taxis, Garage
  • Provide any services like Pet Grooming
  • Quincaillerie
  • Anything! Any Business/Services