Free Tools to Track Phone Numbers and Uncover Locations

An opinion exists that free ways to track a phone number are not safe and may compromise your data security, which is true for some cases. Still, there are some options if you cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription fee for a tracker or just want to try a title before purchasing it.

Tools to Track Phone Numbers That Have Free Trial

Several services exist that are available at a subscription fee but provide their potential users with a free trial to help them decide. As a rule, you must contact a customer support agent to activate the trial or use one of the links provided on the review websites.

GEOfinder is a phone number tracker available via the website. You do not need to install it either on the Target device or on your own, and it works perfectly with Androids and iPhones on both sides (yours and Target’s).

If you have already gotten your free trial from the support agent, follow these steps:

  • open the GEOfinder website and log into your account (you must have one if you have already claimed the trial);
  • enter the phone number you want to track in the search field and tap “find” – you will get a tracking link;
  • compose a text message you want to send to your target;
  • GEOfinder will send the link and message and share their location with you as soon as the link is opened.

This phone number tracker is available in every country worldwide and works with all cell phone network providers.

To track a cell phone by number, you can use a service very similar to GEOfinder – It also has a free trial, and the customer support service is happy to help you with it, as every person who claims the free trial is a potential customer.

It has two main differences from GEOfinder:

  • you are required to upload a picture, which will be sent with the tracking ink;
  • you can send the link and the picture yourself via any messenger or anonymously via the site by SMS.

Generally, of these two, you can choose the one you like more or the one that feels more convenient.


If you want to track cell phone number with uMobix, you must install it first on the target device. It is a great advantage and disadvantage at the same time. On the one hand, installing a tracker on the target device is often inconvenient or even impossible, so using an online service like GEOfinder is easier.

On the other hand, uMobix, as an installable tracker, is more stable and offers more than 40 useful features to boot. However, for location tracking by phone number, no installation is required, as is the case with GEOfinder.

So, if you have claimed the uMobix free trial from the support, you must enter your credentials to access the online dashboard. All the tracking information, including location, will be shown and stored there, so better note those credentials somewhere.

Free Ways to Track Phone Number Location

Luckily for all those who do not want to use any paid or third-party apps and services, there are 100% safe ways to track a phone number that do not require you neither to claim a free trial nor pay anything at any period.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the easiest ways to track phone location by number for free. It requires some preparation, though. You must open Google Maps on the target device, find “Location Sharing” in the settings, and tap on your phone number on contact there. In such a way, when you open Google Maps on your device, you will see the locations of all devices that shared it.

Find My

Find My is an app available by default on all Apple devices. It is usually used to find a lost or stolen device, but it can be easily used to locate other devices that use the same Apple ID or are in the same family group.

If you know one’s Apple credentials, you can use them to log into the Apple account and see their location by entering the Find My app on your phone and choosing the target device on the list.


How do I track location for free with GEOfinder or

You must register an account with the service and contact the customer support agent to activate the free trial. This feature is not mentioned anywhere on the website to prevent people from overusing it.

Is there an analog of Apple’s Find My for Androids?

There is an app called Find My Device, which does the same thing for Android devices as Find My for iPhones. However, you must know the person’s Google credentials to track them.

Should I try 100% free third-party apps for location tracking?

We would not recommend using those third-party apps that allow you to track a phone number free of charge indefinitely, as it may be unsafe for your personal data and can compromise your device security. Think, why are they free? What is the price for using the services if they do not request your money? Free trials are a different story if anything.