How to UNBLOCK "Tanks of the Galaxy"?

Tanks of the Galaxy Unblocked

Break into the world of thrilling 2D top-down shooter Tanks of the Galaxy and take part in epic tank battles! The rules are simple: destroy enemy tanks with different weapons, dodge their projectiles, use shields and environment to defeat the enemy. Earn coins to upgrade your tank, buy and upgrade more powerful weapons. Enjoy truly addictive gameplay and become the most devastating member of the tank war!

How to Play

Here are the detailed instructions on how to play ‘Tanks of the Galaxy’:

  1. Starting the Game: Launch the game by visiting the website and clicking on the ‘Play Now’ button.
  2. Choosing Your Tank: Select your preferred tank from the list of available tanks. Each tank has unique abilities and characteristics.
  3. Navigating the Map: The game is a top-down view of a battlefield. Use the arrow keys or ‘WASD’ keys to move your tank around the map.
  4. Shooting Enemy Tanks: Press the ‘Spacebar’ or ‘Enter’ key to fire your tank’s weapon. You can change your weapon type and power in the settings menu.
  5. Using Shields and Environment: To avoid enemy projectiles, use your tank’s shield. Additionally, you can use environmental obstacles and terrain to your advantage.
  6. Collecting Coins: Collect coins scattered around the map to earn points. The more coins you collect, the higher your score.
  7. Upgrading Your Tank: Spend your earned points to upgrade your tank. You can buy more powerful weapons and enhancements from the shop.
  8. Winning the Game: The objective of the game is to survive the longest against the enemy tanks. The last tank standing wins the game.

Tips to Win

Here are some tips to help you win in ‘Tanks of the Galaxy’:

  1. Master Your Tank: Understand the abilities and weaknesses of your chosen tank. Knowing how to effectively use your tank can give you a significant edge.
  2. Strategic Positioning: Always be aware of your surroundings. Position your tank in areas with cover and away from enemy lines of fire.
  3. Avoid Direct Confrontations: Unless you’re confident in your ability to take down the enemy, try to avoid direct confrontations. Use the environment to your advantage and aim for long-range shots.
  4. Use Your Environment: Utilize the terrain and obstacles to block enemy shots and create opportunities for counterattacks.
  5. Save Your Health: Try to limit damage taken from enemy attacks. Use shields and avoid direct hits whenever possible.
  6. Upgrade Wisely: Spend your points wisely. Upgrade your tank’s abilities and weapons that you find most effective.
  7. Stay Calm and Patient: Patience and calmness can lead to better decisions. Take your time to plan your moves and react to the situation.
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