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Final Fantasy II Unblocked

Final Fantasy II is notable for being both story-intensive and for doing away with the popular experience point system. Instead of having a level-up structure, player stats increased via the usage of certain attack types. The game's turn-based battle system gave the player the opportunity to input commands for all four members of the battle party at once. At any time before the command for the final character in the lineup was issued, the player could hit a button and return to the previous character to reissue a command. The story concerns the adventures of four youngsters from the kingdom of Fynn named Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. After the parents are killed, these four set out to literally walk into the depth of Hell, defeat the evil emperor and find Maria's missing brother, Leon. The second Final Fantasy title also introduced the recurring character of Cid as well as the Chocobo birds.

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How to Play

Here are some detailed steps on how to play ‘Final Fantasy II’:

  • Character Selection: You start by selecting your characters. Each character has unique attributes and abilities that can change the outcome of battles.

  • Equipment: You can equip each character with weapons, armor, and items from the menu. Some items can be used outside of battle.

  • Battle System: The game uses a turn-based battle system. You can issue commands for all four members of the battle party at once. If you want to change a command for a character, you can hit a button and return to the previous character to reissue a command.

  • Attributes: Characters’ stats increase with their use. For example, if a character takes a heavy amount of damage in a battle, they might earn an increase in maximum HP.

  • Special Items: There are special items that can be shown to Non-Player Characters (NPCs) during conversation or used on certain objects, which have the same effect.

  • Saving Progress: You can save your progress on the overworld. Weapons, armor, items, and magic spells can be purchased at shops, and townspeople provide useful information for the player’s progression through the game.

Tips to Win

Here are some tips to help you win in ‘Final Fantasy II’:

  • Understand Your Characters: Each character has unique abilities and weaknesses. Understanding these can give you a significant advantage in battles.

  • Use Equipment Wisely: Different characters may perform better with different types of equipment. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your team.

  • Master the Battle System: Understanding how the turn-based battle system works can greatly enhance your chances of winning. Knowing when to use certain commands can change the course of a battle.

  • Take Advantage of Special Items: Some items have effects that can be very beneficial in certain situations. Try to use them strategically.

  • Save Often: It’s easy to lose progress if something goes wrong. Save often to ensure you don’t lose too much progress.

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